The health and beauty of our body is particularly important that affects our psychology and confidence. Let's give it the affection it deserves.
The services that offered in Kallisto spa, for obtaining a beautiful body, include:


In our gym you can obtain a perfect body by choosing between Muscular Intensification & Stretching, Power Yoga, Interval training and Aerobic.


At Kallisto spa we face the problem of cellulite in many ways, one of them being special hand massages in the problematic area. The result? … The skin will acquire a smoother, softer and silky appearance.


Skin – Tonic is a revolutionary instrument that uses specific lymphatic massage movements to increase blood circulation in the area desired and encourages fat burn, making the skin look slender and healthy.


Pressure is applied in specific points on the body to activate and tone up the lymphatic circulation. As a result, it will unblock the lymph and the toxins will gradually fade away more easily.


Thermo Blanket is an easy and fast method to stimulate the increase of blood circulation, and thus, infiltrate larger amount of oxygen retention, which is vital when burning fat at specific areas.


An effective treatment for cellulite that combines seaweed mask together with heat, encouraging the burning of fat, removing toxins and improving the blood microcirculations making the skin softer and smoother.


The electrotherapy is a slimming method that can be applied on all bodies. The options offered by our instruments can deal with problems related to local fat, cellulite, skin looseness and muscular tissues.


HYPOXI aims at improving your blood circulation in those problematic areas. The HYPOXI Trainer L250 decreases fat from the problematic areas. The result is a tight, toned and perfect body.


Galileo trains and shapes the body rapidly with ease and it is considered an ideal exercising program used by those who want to maintain their shape and loose weight, and also by athletes who want to improve their strength and physical resistance.


Our diet program aims at restoring and maintaining the wished ideal body weight for each individual.This is achieved through a program that combines diet regime together with slimming meant equipment familiar to our health and beauty specialists of Kallisto spa.


Kallisto Spa guarantees a place perfectly clean, healthy and comfortable. The tattoo artist George Vashakidze, with 10 year of experience will help you to find a tattoo that suits you from a wide range of designs. Moreover, he will help you to decide the position and size of the tattoo, depending on your style.