Gain a healthy and perfect body

Galileo system is the perfect solution for fast, easy and effective training, no matter how harsh is your daily routine. It has a unique platform that converts the rotary motions of a powerful motor to bilateral symmetrical amplitude energy and trains the muscles in a physiological way (as if you went walking or running).

How does it work?

You simply get on it! Select the muscles you whish to exercise (i.e. thighs) and let the vibrating platform work those muscles out. In just few minutes and with minimal muscle weariness, you train your whole body effectively and efficiently.

Why Galileo?

  • It is the only platform that has medical certification (medical CE) in the European Union
  • It was created by a team of German scientists and doctors at NOVOTEC company and it is the latest up to date vibrating technology in the market ergonomically designed
  • It does not convey the vibrations into the head to avoid migraines, headaches, and other problems that may relate to the vibrations.
  • It stimulates the muscles in a natural human way and improves the functioning of the nervous system
  • It has special settings and programmes to improve bone density (especially useful in the management of osteoporosis) and joint stability
  • It trains the abdominal and dorsal muscles and helps correct spinal problems
  • It increases muscular strength and reduce fat
  • It enhances the metabolism, the blood circulation, stabilizes weight and help relieve constipation
  • It tones up the body quickly with no pain and hardness
  • More than 80% of the published scientific researches on body vibration training was done with Galileo

Where can the Galileo system help?

Galileo trains and shapes the body rapidly with ease and it is considered an ideal exercising program used by those who want to maintain their shape and loose weight, and also by athletes who want to improve their strength and physical resistance.

A part from its athletic and fitness advantages, Galileo system is also used in the medical world as it helps individual who suffer from osteoporosis and Parkinson, it fights off arthritis, avarices and improves blood circulation.

Finally, it is recommended for healing hemiplegics and people that may have balance difficulties

side-alternating platform

Advantages of Galileo


Άλλες Συσκευές

A platform that vibrates alternately from the right to the left side.

Vertical vibration is a movement that vibrates at both sides up and down in a parallel way.



  • It exercises the muscles in a natural way alternatively.
  • The movement is strictly up and down at both ends at the same time.
  • It  does not convey the vibrations into the head.
  • It quickly and efficiently tones up more muscles.
  • It is a perfect exercising method even for those that suffer from various health problems.
  • It conveys vibrations into the head.
  • Its alternative vibration helps the abdominal and dorsal muscles intensify efficiently.
  • It offers a regulating choice of frequency between 5 – 30Hz and a breadth of oscillation from 0 – 14 mm. The duration and regulation can change during a training program depending on the strength and physical resistance of each individual.
  • It has a very precise vibrating, reproductive and transfer of movement and force into the body.
  • It does not have any effect on the abdominal and dorsal muscles.