Muscular Intensification

Μυική ενδυνάμωση

The muscular intensification program aims at stimulating the muscle’s fibres through slow and controlled movements.

The advantages of these exercises, as argued by scientists, are numerous. An important research breakthrough conclusion explains that the loss of muscular mass and fat concentration that eventually increases with age can be suspended.

The increase of muscular mass consequently means that there will be a higher consumption in calories, thus, the more faithfully you follow a muscular intensification program, the more calories you will burn daily. The idea of being and staying in good shape for a lifetime is a dream that can become true!

Regular physical exercise can also benefit the bones, as it can stop and even restore the loss of bone mass. This is vital, especially for women, because it can protect them from osteoporosis and consequently from fractures during and after the menopause period. 

Muscular intensification also helps in maintaining an ideal balance and a good flexibility that is essential so as you do not ache or hurt when you stretch, turn and bend your body.

Finally, by exercising various muscles, your body will acquire more energy and stimulation. You will consequently feel more alive, energetic and flexible. The aerobic exercise you once feared and avoided will certainly become easier, more enjoyable and it will slowly grow to be part of your life.


  • Stretching and relaxing the muscles at the end of each program for 7 to 10 minutes
  • Muscles would be warmed up for smoother and easier bending of the body
  • Stretching will be static to avoid any abrupt movements
  • Do it more than once for better results
  • A lot of care and attention is given to each movement to avoid any sudden pain or tension. Stretching should create a feeling of calm and pleasure.
  • Breathing should be smooth and deep – it is vital to breath out (expire) when doing a deep a stretch.
  • Never push yourself beyond your physiological strength and capability, it is important to listen and obey to your body. Effective stretching is achieved when the body manages to position itself in the right place all the way through. However it needs time, patience and willingness to get there.