The Issue

About 80% of women suffer from local fat and cellulite that usually appear in the buttock and the thighs.

Diet & Training is not enough

Unfortunately, rarely can we get rid of this fat in the areas we desire. Usually one looses fat in parts where the body chooses to depending on its genes and metabolism. Intense training and strict diets are not enough to reach your objective: a slim and tight body.

Cold skin means poor blood circulation. However, warm skin shows a good blood circulation and a healthy metabolism.

The Reason

Fat elimination depends on how good the blood circulation is.
Blood is a vital element of the body that is liable for the intake and outtake of various substances. Thus, the blood represents a decisive factor in the reduction of fat. The better is blood circulation, easier and faster the elimination of fat. Poor circulation of the blood prevents reduction of fat from the problematic areas of the body.


The areas where there is a blood supply can be located easily. After 30 minutes of exercising (i.e. running or cycling) we simply touch the skin to check its temperature. Therefore, the colder these areas of the skin are, the poorer the blood circulation, hence, more difficult the combustion of fat is.

For this reason, HYPOXI aims at improving your blood circulation in those problematic areas.


Poor blood circulation makes the fat burning difficult

The Solution

Thanks to the HYPOXI method, women should no longer worry about the accumulated fat and cellulite in the buttock and thighs. The trainer L250 creates an ideal environment of empty air space to reinforce the blood circulation in the problematic body areas in combination with mild exercising (bicycling). In consequence, the system eliminates rapidly and with no hard effort even the most persistent areas of fat.

The specific position of the seat facilitates the process of fat combustion and it helps reducing and thus detoxifying all the useless substances from the body through the blood vessels.


  • Aims in the combustion of fat in the thighs and buttock
  • Finally fights off forever cellulite
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism
  • Alleviates and invigorates the skin
  • Fast, comfortable, healthy and natural way of exercising
  • Results are apparent for a long period of time
  • Combined with an easy and simple diet program, its results are spectacular

The HYPOXI Trainer L250 decreases fat from the problematic areas. The result is a tight, toned and perfect body.

Up to 60% of fat loss