How does Hyaluronic Αcid work?

As we age,the production of the collagen and of the elastin decrease,the contours of our face change as facial volume,hydration and elasticity. The laxity of skin increases. Lines and wrinkles appear as this volume is lost.The treatment with the HA disappear tthe wrinkles and repair the loss of volume due to ageing.
The HA is a versatile macromolecule,a polysaccharide, which exists naturally in living organisms.The environment created by HA offers resistance to compression and protects the structures underlying the skin from physical damage. Immediately,after the first treatment with HA the wrinkles of the face disappear. The skin looks healthy with a natural view,hydrated.

Skin Preparation

We apply appropriate anaesthetic for  30 min localy in the area of the injection, to reduce the pain during the treatment.We inject the dermal filler by using thin needle slowly in the skin at required depth.

Side effects

Erythema and swelling: disappear after 24-48h it depends on individual.
After the treatment it is forbidden to apply make-up for the next 12h, massage, saouna or solarium. The result lasts for 6-9 months. All the side effects are possible but rare to happen.

Treatment areas:

    • Glabella lines - frown lines
    • Horizontal brow lines
    • Crows feet
    • Cheek augmentation
    • Lips - vermillion border and body
    • Oral commisures
    • Naso - labial lines
    • Peri - oral lines
    • Nose re-shaping
    • Ears
    • Neck - neckline - decolte
    • Hands - feet - abdomen (belly)