Περιποίηση προσώπου

The human organism is nothing more than huge cell groups. The cell constitutes one independent living organism, consisting of the nucleus and the cytoplasm. Specifically, it transferrs by itself the inherited traits, and simultaneously, it gives all the commands for its proper functioning. The cytoplasm is the environment in which various special substances are produced in order to achieve the proper cell function.
Our cells during their life lose their energy. The result of this loss is the reduce of the production of collagen and proteins.The reproduction of skin cells and their inner hydration begins to slow. Environmental pollution, sun, smoking, and alcohol intensify this disastrous outcome. Thereby our skin becomes dull, dry, thin and appears problems such as wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation, acne scars, etc.

The recovery process

Dermalogica system recognizes that the skin is a living organism with interactive functions. The skin needs daily grooming to restore and maintain health. In the recovery process are achieved the following results:

  1. Reduce of the pores size
  2. Treatment of acne
  3. Regulating of the sebum overproduction
  4. Reduction of fine wrinkles
  5. Increase of skin elasticity
  6. Creation of a uniform skin color
  7. Increase the hydrating capacity of the skin
  8. Increase the resilience of the skin to external factors

Dermalogica system uses hypoallergenic products of active pharmaceutical ingredients as retin A, complexes acids, licorice, bearberry, (whitening agent), combined with biomolecular factors that help in the effective penetration combined with acidic agents. The bioavailability of the active ingredients is what makes the treatment more effective than the common products.


Face Moisturizing

Concentrated moisturising (depending on the skin type) gel is applied on the face, neck and chest, along with a smooth ionization to help the therapy infiltrate in the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, the face is moisturised and gains a healthy, new and beautiful look.



The use of oxygenating masks is a therapy with phenomenal visible and long lasting results that fills the body with a sense of health and well-being. This treatment stimulates, tightens and revitalises the skin, and therefore helps oxygenating the body cells.


Peeling, an effective technique used only in specialised institutes, aims to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin. It eliminates gently the dead cells and rejuvenates the face by giving it a beautiful elasticity and brightness.

Lightening Face Therapy

It helps to eliminate drastically black stains from the face and neck that may have resulted from sun exposure or pregnancy.


Mesotherapy is a treatment that could not be executed, in the past, without the presence of a doctor as it required injections. Today, it can be practised easily and painlessly with the same end results. A specific instrument is used to help the diluted in water active substances (such as hyalouronic acid) to penetrate into the skin.

It is a therapy that anticipates the reduction of dermal tone and as a result, decreases or even eliminates wrinkles. It does not use injections or causes any discomforts; on the contrary, it provides a therapeutic result in whichever part of the body it is applied on, by giving to the skin a look you have always dreamed off.

Acne & Scar Treatment

By using botanic products, the results are spectacular as their therapeutic capacities can help improving serious acne problems and even eliminating scars.

Permanent Depilation

A third generation Nd:Yag laser is used in combination with an intense pulsatory light (light – depilation system) appliance resulting to permanent easy and painless elimination of the undesired hairs in any part of the body.